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Paramedical Stretch Mark / Scar Revision

Scars & Different Types:

Scar revision is a procedure to improve the appearance of scars. Here are the different types of scars:

  • Cosmetic Scar Improvement: Treatments for discoloration, surface irregularities, and subtle scars that donโ€™t cause physical discomfort. They are commonly found in acne scars, minor injuries, or previous surgical incisions.
  • Hypertrophic Scars: Raised, red scars that may enlarge over time. They can be itchy or uncomfortable, but they remain within the boundaries of the original wound or incision.
  • Keloids: Scars that extend beyond the initial wound or incision. They can pucker and are typically uncomfortable or itchy. Keloids are more common on the face, neck, ears, chest, and shoulders, where there is less underlying fatty tissue.
  • Contractures: Scars that restrict movement due to the tightening of underlying tissue and skin during healing. They often occur after significant tissue loss, such as burns, or when an injury affects a joint, limiting mobility.

These are the main types of scars that can be addressed through scar revision procedures.

What is Paramedical Stretch Mark / Scar Revision?

Paramedical stretch marks are narrow marks or ridges that can appear on the skin after rapid weight gain or loss. These marks can occur on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and breasts. While stretch marks can be unsightly and cause insecurity, paramedical treatments can help reduce the appearance of these marks.

The Success

The success of your surgery depends on you following your beautician's advice that will personally be given to you by one of the therapists at Body By Yeselin!

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